Welcome to our Maths support world. We are crazy enough to be crazy about Maths and its impact in the world.

We have content in AFRIKAANS & ENGLISH.

We realized that learners and parents need help with getting to the right content. The many different words that describe Mathematics makes is difficult to find the actual Maths that the learner is struggling with. So we decided to change. Our response is to provide learners and parents with a very structured interface in which learners and parents can drill down to exactly the content they need.

All our content on NumberThumper is laid out like this:

  • Maths CATEGORY in BLUE
  • Blue PLAY button to take the learner to the content for that sum.

We offer hundreds of videos for each grade, in Afrikaans & English. If we don't have something that you need, email us. We LOVE hearing from our clients and talking to you. We are also passionate educators who will go to great lengths to help learners succeed.

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